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Our clients and partners generally have a strong focus on technology or are active in the IT-related areas of a company.

At bluevalyou we identify your problem areas and develop tailored solution strategies.

The digital revolution represents a huge potential for our clients. Thanks to our long-standing business and project experience, we are your ideal partner for tackling these challenges.

Strategy development and testing

Portfolio planning

Improving efficiency and reducing cost

Sourcing models

Adapting IT organisation and process optimisation

Aligning IT with the business strategy

Take a look at some selected reference projects to get an idea of our expertise.

An analysis was carried out and a concept was developed in the production areas for the client. The aim was to create new scope for investments and to expand the portfolio by increasing the fixed price share in projects and services. In particular, the focus was on project management and governance processes within production, as well as offer design and offer calculation.


  • Strengths and potential of existing production controlling processes
  • Roadmap for implementation

A cost-reduction programme for the leading IT service provider in Austria was put in place on behalf of the management board with a focus on delivery. After a cost and process analysis, projects were defined and started, simultaneously the rapid implementation of Quick Wins was set in motion. The focus was on the reduction of licence and maintenance costs, the use of third-party personnel and the outsourcing of individual, non-scalable IT services.


  • 7-figure savings achieved
  • Work programme to optimise the production processes in IT operations

A potential analysis for efficiency improvement with a focus on the infrastructure sector was carried out for Austria’s leading IT service provider in public administration. The results were discussed with management as well as presented to the owner representative of the company.


  • Defined measures, specifically in the operation of the data centre and ITIL operation processes
  • Cost effects from centralisation, standardisation and automation

The cost and revenue development of services (focus on SAP, application operation, testing factory, backend services) was analysed for the largest customer (major account) at a leading IT service provider in Austria. Additionally, improvement measures were introduced and their implementation checked. Within a short time the target margin was successfully achieved.


  • Analysis of the relevant cost centres and cost objects with a focus on unprofitable services
  • Necessary measures in the delivery implemented
  • Target margin surpassed

A strategy for delivery/IT production was developed for a leading IT service provider in Austria. The headquarters demanded a reduction in local production cost; based on this, options were developed for the further relocation of production units to more cost-effective locations (data centre operation, near/offshore SW development) as well as the outsourcing of non-critical services to third parties.


  • Strategic options for areas of production
  • Roadmap for implementation

The organisation needed to be unified following the acquisition of a market leader. As a result, the operational and organisational structure of the IT organisation was quickly adapted to the new situation. Our task was to define the concept for this with IT management and to direct the implementation.


  • Communication concept for IT
  • Plan for operational and organisational structure
  • Successful activation of the new organisation within a quarter following acquisition

With increasing cost pressure there was a need to introduce cost optimisation measures. As part of this operation, an offshore partner was given responsibility for parts of the business processes. Our task was to take responsibility of the necessary governance.


  • Selection, commercial negotiation and contract with an appropriate business process outsourcing partner
  • Identification of the appropriate business processes
  • Incremental transfer of processes to the BPO partner
  • Guiding the BPO partner and the internal organisation
  • Successful transition without negative effect on business operations
  • Defined commercial savings attained

bluevalyou was commissioned to provide a regional transportation provider (public transport) with strategy advice. The aim of the project was to expand the existing range of products to include alternative transport providers.


  • Strategy and implementation plan

The aim of the project was to achieve a benchmark level of IT costs, without jeopardising the delivery capability of the IT department. The project’s focus was a reorganisation of IT, improved resource management, renegotiation and transformation of the most important outsourcing contracts, the optimisation of the sourcing strategy, the integration of near-shore units, the adaptation of IT equipment, the use of new technologies such as cloud computing and virtualisation, architecture concept for the consolidation of the application landscape and optimisation of all cost-intensive operating processes.
Our task included the entire planning and leading of the project from contract clarification and set-up, to process and cost analysis, to implementation as part of a programme lasting several years.


  • Sustainable Opex reduction of 40% within 2 years
  • All project/saving objectives surpassed while keeping within the project budget
  • Showcase project within the company

The goal of the project was a sustained cost reduction in IT amid the merger of the entire company. The focus in this case was on the restriction of unfavourable cost developments in order to be prepared for the cost pressure resulting from the expected market consolidation.

Our task consisted of setting up the project and providing the tried and tested methods from similar projects as well as the continuous coaching of the local project management team.


  • Structured set-up of the entire project
  • Transfer of know-how, in particular for methods and key market indicators
  • Sounding board for the IT management

Due to new market requirements, it was necessary to develop the employees’ skills in a targeted manner. Our task was to provide an experienced, international expert who could develop a new competency model together with the company.


  • Development of a new competency model
Stability in periods of transition.


As an implementation-oriented consulting company, we work as temporary managers for our customers. We assume responsibility for the control or execution of projects for a defined period.

In challenging development projects, change programs, acute crises or temporary leadership tasks from the top down for instance.

Project and programme management

Crisis management

Temporary line management

Transition Management

Take a look at some selected reference projects to get an idea of our expertise.

The existing ticket system had become outdated. The goal was to better align ticket sales with the timetable and to provide the end customer with the best ticket available for their journey in a simple way. For this purpose, the web distribution channel needed to be re-established and a mobile sales channel had to be set up. Our task was to head the project management of the systems integrator and associated partners. As the project progressed, the role was extended to include ensuring the success of the project together with the client (public transport) through joint programme management. (Duration of phase I – 3 years).


  • Successful implementation and introduction of the new distribution system

After the successful implementation and introduction of the new distribution system, a subsequent phase was defined for a further two years for the expansion of the distribution system, which is aligned with the new sales strategy. This is related to the introduction or dismantling of other sales channels (machine, operated channels) and marginal systems.

In collaboration with a partner, our task focuses on the project management programme.

(planned duration of phase II – 3 years)

In order to also implement the mobile communications company’s local solution for finance, supply chain management and HR in other European countries, it was necessary to be the best in a tender offer against the leading international integrators.

Our task was to take over the bid management for the local mobile carrier. The tender offer was won and the solution was introduced internationally.


  • Tender offer won

At the request of a major international client, the logistics process for the provision of devices was centralised via an Austrian distributor. Our role here was to take over the project management in a late and critical phase of the project with the goal of effecting process change as quickly as possible in order to enable the extension of the global contract with the client.


  • Project completed on time (crisis management)
  • In doing so, the conditions for a successful extension of the contract were met

Within the framework of a multi-year programme, we provided the project management which allowed various software development projects to be completed in a timely and budgetary manner. The focus of the projects was electronic workflow management and file management with strict legal requirements. The projects were successfully implemented together with the clients of the Ministry as well as with teams from downstream departments.


  • Successful implementation of the projects

The aim of the project was to quickly and smoothly integrate an IT service provider in the field of desktop services and to position the new business unit as market leader in the Spanish market. The task was to manage the overall project professionally and to ensure the project objectives – achieving short-term business objectives, extremely short lead time for the complexity of the project, change management goals for the future business development – were attained equally as well as to balance the interests of the local business unit and the group as a whole.


  • Structured merging process and adherence to the milestones
  • Creating synergies (Opex reduction >15%)
  • New business units operational

As a result of changing market conditions, new HR management instruments were introduced in a short time and the organisation of the HR department and its processes were optimised.

Our task was to provide an expert with many years of experience in HR line management and expertise in state-of-the-art methods.


  • Temporary management of the HR department
  • Successful introduction of new HR instruments and HR processes throughout the whole company.
  • Acceleration of the change process
The future of your business is digital.


The onward march of digitisation is causing a radical upheaval in today’s economic world. Established companies are faced with major challenges, however, they can also use the challenges as opportunities for growth and development in new business areas.

Digital transformation requires integral knowledge of innovation management, business planning, organisational development, technology deployment and programme management.

With our expertise, bluevalyou is the right partner to accompany you into the digital future.

Potential through digitisation

Transformation of business models

Developing delivery processes and partnering

Take a look at some selected reference projects to get an idea of our expertise.

To support a start-up company, a pilot project with seven different partners from the retail and payment sectors was initiated in order to collect information on the use of NFC technology. The focus was on customer loyalty and the optimisation of the payment process. We took on the task of project management.

An IT strategy was developed for a leading health care provider in Germany. The client’s traditionally successful business required an increasing number of services to be digitised in order to compete with start-ups and technology companies. After appraising existing IT initiatives, an adapted roadmap was developed with the focus on new IT services (e.g. modern CRM, BI) while simultaneously reducing complexity of ongoing operations (e.g. cloud migration, outsourcing).


  • Identifying the need to modernise IT
  • Innovative projects on the way to digital service providers
  • Roadmap planning

The aim of the project was the development and marketing of new ICT products and services for the business customer market in Austria. The conception and implementation was carried out with various groups of companies with a particular focus on the utilisation of the Group’s potential for innovation. As a result, the sales and go-2 market models for these services were optimised, direct sales units (account management) were trained and a sales monitoring team was set up. Our task included managing the project as well as contract clarification, set-up, conception and implementation of the services and processes.


  • Increase in the sales pipeline and business deals
  • Developed organisational model to handle more complex sales projects

A corporate strategy was developed for a medium-sized IT service provider. The goal was to keep the existing business profitable and to simultaneously develop new business areas and services to accompany clients in the advancing shift towards digitisation.


  • Strengths/weakness profiles of the existing portfolio
  • Scenarios for further growth
  • Evaluation of new services and requirements for implementation and marketing


Your goals are our goals. We work together to create solutions that meet your individual requirements while remaining true to our ideals. For us, close partnership and mutual trust form the basis of a successful project.



  • Our goal is lasting change.
  • We only recommend what we belief in and implement it together with our customers.
  • We are willing to be judged by our results.
  • We see ourselves in a partnership with our customers and partners. Mutual trust is the basis of our actions.
  • We attach great importance to loyalty to our partners.
  • We respect our partners and their associates and expect this to be the other way round as well. We act openly and respectfully.
  • We act with regard to the existing culture of our customers and partners.
  • We are not afraid to tackle unpleasant issues if they serve the goals.
  • We are ready to take formal leadership roles linked to well-defined tasks, if required as a bridging.
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